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CWS.MSconfig - wont go away

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i had a problem the other day, and as part of the solution, i was advised to do some scans in safe mode. To do this, i scanned with Adaware, spybot, MS antispyware, spyware doctor, NAV 2005 and ewido security suite. None of these found anything...


Then i did a scan with spysubtract (which includes CWShreader). This found an infection of CWS.MSconfig. Before deleting this, i put spysubtract aside for a seccond and scanned with CWShreader on its own, which also found the same infection (which isnt suprising, because its the same scan really). The CWShreader, doesnt give details when it finds things though, it just tells you what it is and removes it, so i closed CWShreader, and proceeded to view the details that spysubtract gave me. It said this...






Company CoolWebSearch.info

Product Name CoolWebSearch.info, winlink, MSUpdate, IExplorer, CWS, ne5 MFC Application, madopew.dll

Company URL http://www.CoolWebSearch.info

Privacy URL n/a



Name CWS.MSConfig

Database ID -50000


Detected In CoolWebSearch Variants (CWShredder)


Path n/a

Description The Cool Web Search browser hijacker and it's many variants are known to be one of the most difficult spyware infections to detect and remove.



Threat CoolWebSearch Variant

Description A particularly complex set of Browser hijacker variants that require innovative detect and remove techniques.


Produced By

Company n/a

Product Name n/a

Company URL n/a

Privacy URL n/a



When i scanned with CWShreader alone, it just said "CWS.MSconfig"


I removed the infection, then booted up in normal mode. I then rebooted in safe mode again, and ran CWShreader, to my horror, the infection was back! :huh:


I have tried using both CWShreader alone, and the spysubtract with CWShreader included, to remove the infection, but neither work, it always comes back.


How can i get rid of this?, what dammage could it have already done (I have seen no symptoms), what dammage could it potentially do?


please help..... :mrsgreen:


Edit: apparantly, this thing reinstalls itself every 5 secconds, thts why it keeps reappearing, i have been on that "coolwebsearch chronicles" thing that CWShredder links you to, so please dont link me to that, it didnt help me.

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Leave system restore alone until pskelly tells you to reset a new restore point. He's helping you with your HJT log. Please let him know all the problems you're having.


Two threads on this will give you conflicting answers.

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:) I think its being worked out by pskeely now, pskeely was helping me before, but unbeknown to me, i have been a bit of a pain in the :filtered: i think :blushing:


I forgot to post some stuff :rolleyes:


I have apologized for my stupidity :angel:

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