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3 Meg Internet

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Ok hi all im new and i know a bit of computers and i was wondering how fast 3 meg internet downloads at? cuz i have Charter Communication Cable internet and it downloads at 30 KB/sec to 50 KB/sec is that normal? or is it cause my computer? it has 750 mhz and 318 MB and 80 GB of ram ( i think thats how i say it). So does any one have that 3 meg internet if so can u please tell me how fast u download things at. cause my friend has that yahoo sbc dsl thing and he download at 140 KB/sec - 160 KB/sec and hes running it with the router with 2 computers. and im just on one computer some times run 2 of them. and with cable it disconnects me some times like random when im on the router but when im not on the router it doesnt disconnect me it runs ok but its kinda slow.


Any help any one. Thnx for reading.




this is a test that i ran after i posted this message and after i deleted some stuff of my hard drive.

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You can test your connection speed here then compare it with others in your area using Charter.

DslReports Speed Tests


Are you using a firewall I didn't see one?


Free Firewall

Free Firewall.


You can improve performance a little by setting your color setting to 16 bit instead of 32 bit. Right click anywhere in your desktop, select properties, select setting, and change to 16.


You can also improve performance by using Norton as a virus scan instead of active protection.


See the link below on Spyware Information for some free active virus protection programs.





dabwid :xmastree:

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If you have the 3meg service from Charter, it should be downloading at or around 3000kb/s.


I had/have a computer that has a 500mhz Pentium, that is hooked up at a different house through Charter. The person borrowing the computer has the 2meg service from Charter. The download speeds vary from 1500kb/s to 2035kb/s with that computer.



If you continually see your downloads at 350kb/s, I'd call Charter to see if they're doing any kind of upgrades to the lines in your area. If not, and you are being charged for the 3meg service, I'd tell them what's going on. They may recommend restarting your modem (which is unplugging everything from the modem, shutting down your computer, waiting 1 minute, plug modem back in, wait for the modem to get a signal, then restarting your computer).


Another thing to think about, is what kind of modem you have. I've noticed that with the person who is borrowing my old computer, her modem will kick off for no apparent reason, where mine only kicked off due to bad components in the cable lines whenever it rained or was windy. She has a funky looking modem (box says 'Data Products'), where I have an older Motorola Surfboard.



I'd also do the Windows updates as Porthos suggested.

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a 3 mbit connection will go up to 375 KB/s max.

keep in mind that megabits are different from megabytes, same with kilobits and kilobytes.

3000 kilobits = 375 kilobytes


If you can't get the speed up to anywhere around there, call charter and ask them why it's going slow. It may be because of the cable lines around you (poor quality will not allow as fast of speeds), or another problem.


edit: could be the modem as stated in the post above.

toshiba and motorola make the best modems for cable, along with linksys, d-link, netgear, and other companies who make routers (they will most likely make cable modems too).

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i have a 3mbs connection and ive downloaded at 3mbs..y should he only dl at 375?kbs


i know ur pc could possibly limit it....but thats what im thinking..i remember with my old pc and i was just runnin 3 dls at about 2kbs combined i would lag (pc lag) so maybe ur pc is the problem

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mbs and mBs are different. the capital B is in reference to the 'storage type' on your pc, like how large a file is.


the little b is roughly 9.x times large than a Byte. every Byte sent across the internet has more than the normal 8 bits, to ensure sending and reciving blah, blah blah.


so if you purchase a 3000 kbs service, you can expect about 300 kBs effective download speed. yes the maximum is higher than 300, but due to tcp overhead, you'll never reach it.


the 20-50 kBs you're running at is about the lowest dsl packages that are offer'd, so for cable, something is def. wrong and u need to call your cable co

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1 byte is 8 bits, so you take the amount in bits and divide it by 8, then you get the bytes.

B = Bytes

b = bits

kB or KB = kilobytes

kb = kilobits

1 kilobyte = 8 kilobits

that's why dial-up users download at around 7 KB/s, or 50 kb/s (something like that).

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it is on ur HD, but not on the internet or network. they all have a header and an end cap. some hardware and software adds more bits to a byte for error correction and security purposes.


the average is 9.x, near 10 bits to a byte


EDIT>> the header and end are generically refer'd to as the tcp overhead, the reason you can never reach that theoretical max.

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