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Asf Support (bios)

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I replaced my SoundMAX integrated audio with a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card, and while I was in the bios disabling the onboard audio I noticed grouped with the audio was something called ASF Support, which is enabled. Since it was grouped with the onboard audio, I got curious about what ASF Support is. I Googled it but it only came up with a Windows Media format which I'm having my doubts this is what it refers to since this is located in the bios.


Anybody know if it somehow relates to the onboard audio it was grouped with? And if it's not, what would ASF Support mean?


Thanks, -kd5-

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ASF is Alert Standard Format.  ASF is for enabling/disabling client management when the client computer is in a low-power state or the operating system is absent, which encompasses the following system conditions:


System sleep state

System powered off

Operating system hung

System boot



I think I'll just leave it be, whatever it is... ;)



And I think I'll pass on downloading the White Paper (pdf)... :huh::lol: -kd5-

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