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Ftp In Knoppix

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Can someone help me with using FTP in Knoppix.

I have a pc with an XP install that wont boot and the initial OS repair using the xp cd didnt work, so before I try other methods that might result in loss of data I wanted to back up the critical files on the HD first.


I am able to boot up using Knoppix and it sees the hard drive. I tried opening up some text files in My Documents folder and those open up and display data but I am not able to move those files to another hard drive so I wanted to put them on a web server..


I logged on to an ftp server using Mozilla but all I can do is d/l existing files, it doesnt have a folder view option where you can drag/drop files..


I was also able to connect to ftp using the command console but since I dont know anything about linux I dont know any of the commands for first selecting a hard drive and directory and then 'putting' it on the ftp server.


Can someone help me or tell me if its possible if it would be possible to upload an entire folder and its contents such as My Documents to an ftp server using Knoppix (this is assuming that I already have a server and know how to access it)



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in the console, try seeing if you have gftp. it's a gui ftp client.


the command is:



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