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Ad-aware Se

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When I tried to download the latest definition update, I also got a little banner telling me about the new version of Ad-aware 1.04. The thing is. I already have the new version. Anyway, I uninstalled and dowloaded the 'new' 1.04.


Now, it seems to scan a lot more files and a little banner comes up saying 'no suspicious items (or objects) found. Some of the objects it scans, come up in green.


Have I gone insane, or has/is anyone else noticing these differences?

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I have the Adaware SE, which is what I got when I downloaded it last time. Here's what it says about this newer version:

What's new in Ad-Aware SE Personal edition?

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Hardened against third party uninstall with encrypted preference files


Scanning engine improvements

- Extended protection against DLL-injection, SE can unload process modules on the fly

- Extended Memory scanning

- Now scans all modules loaded by a process

- Uses our all new CSI (Code Sequence Identification) technology to identify new and unknown variants of known targets


Extended Registry scanning

- Now scans registry branches of multiple user accounts

- Performs additional smart checks to detect dynamically created references

- Scanning speed noticeably faster

- Extended Scanning for known and unknown/possible Browser-Hijackers


Extended Disk scanning

- Now scans and lists alternate Data-streams on NTFS volumes

- Now Ad-Aware supports scanning of Cabinet files, (including spanned archives)

- Scanning speed increased

- Improved Hosts-file scan

- Now Ad-Aware and Ad-Watch Use much smaller reference files


Several User Interface improvements

- Improved Graphical UI

- Ad-Aware now supports custom graphical Skins

- More user friendly Plug-in/Extension GUI (Plug-ins and Extensions now shown on separate screens)

- New Scan Result view, includes a scan summary and detailed view

- Ad-Aware now linked to the online TAC database


Multiple New Tweak options

- Unloading of process modules during a scan

- Obtaining command line of scanned processes

- Ignoring spanned cab files

- Permanent archive caching

- Always try to unload modules before deletion

- Disable manual quarantine if auto quarantine is selected

- Write protect system files after repair

- Use gridlines in item lists

- Log file detail section condensed


Several logfile improvements

- Includes support for separate removal logfiles

- Allows adding a Reference summary/index to logfiles

- Logfile contains overall more detailed information


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Here are the changes for Build 1.04:


Announcing the next build of Ad-Aware SE 1.04


1.04 contains some updates, changes and minor corrections.

For more details please see the changelog below.


It is essential that you always use the latest build and definition file.

To download build 1.04 please use the same download location or link you have used to download previous updates.


Changelog for Ad-Aware SE 1.04




- Minor graphical GUI changes/updates.

- Additional textual changes and updates to GUI and Manual.

- Additional support for skinning implemented.

- Several improvements concerning the installer.

- Each Add-on now has it's own helpfile.

- Ad-Aware now uses the default browser to show online content.

- Additional tracking-cookie information is written to logfile.



- Ad-Watch no longer blocks IE from running in full screen mode if initiated by the  user.

- The context menu in quarantine is now disabled if no items are present.

- Jump To Key now disabled if no path to RegHance is set.

- Changing the location for event history will now be rememberd after restaring Ad-Watch.

- Ad-Aware now scans tracking cookies when scanning the text-files in the cookie folder from Explorer.

- Adding alternate data stream details to logfile is now enabled in Ad-Aware SE Personal.

- Listing of modules in logfile is now enabled in Ad-Aware SE Personal.

- Ad-Aware SE Plus will now support the CLP +silent.



- The automatic updating of the definition file on installation will now work on all systems.

- If enabled, "Scan with Ad-Aware" is now removed from Explorer context menu when Ad-Aware SE is uninstalled.

- Corrected an issue where Ad-AWare would not launch from Ad-watch if Ad-Watch was run at startup.

- Corrected an issue with selection of folders for custom scans.

- Corrected an issue where removal of site from the Ad-Watch sites list would not be rememberd after restart.

- Corrected an issue where some string where displayed out of place if running Ad-- Aware using 640x480 screen resolution.

- Corrected an issue where start menu objects were not created on some systems.



Also Announced:

Tweak SE -- Direct download


Lavasoft´s new add-on Tweak SE allows you to alter and "tweak" settings as well as make GUI alterations available to the user.  Tweak SE works with all Ad-Aware SE versions.  The following options are available via the Tweak SE add-on:


User Interface Modifications Include

  • Hide the text information (Status lines) -- Hides the text information shown on some pages ("Doubleclick an item to show details.. " etc).



  • Hide flashing bug after scan -- Hides the "flashing bug" image that shows up at the end of a scan if critical objects have been detected.



  • Hide MRU items on detailed statistics -- Hides the entries for MRU items in the detailed statistics list.



  • Use IE Icon for Browser Hijack Objects (regardless of reference-type) -- The image shown on the scan result list usually reflects the type of reference (files show a different image then a registry key etc.) using this option, all references assigned to "possible browser hijack attempt" will use an Internet Explorer icon instead of the actual image associated with its reference-type.



  • Show WebUpdate GUI during automated updates -- Shows the WebUpdate user interface during automated updates (command line, startup mode, etc).



  • Ad-Aware window caption -- If empty, the default title will be used for the Ad-Aware main window, otherwise the content entered in the edit box will be used.
Scanning Engine Modifications Include
  • Flag all encoded url references as possible browser hijack attempt -- If an encoded url is used (Example: %77%77%77%2e%6c%6f%70..) Ad-Aware will assume it is a possible browser hijack attempts and translate the url in the logfile.



  • Flag all unrecognized Alternate Data Streams -- Using this option will let Ad-Aware put any detected alternate-data streams (except for those streams that the user has chosen to filter) in the results list, whether the object in question is malicious or not.



  • Skip IE Cache (Temporary internet files) folder during scan -- This option will allow you to filter out temporary internet files when performing a scan.



  • Skip system restore folder during scan -- As specified, the system restore folder will not be scanned.
Additional Options Included
  • Validate folders after editing Ad-Aware preferences -- Verifies if the path entered by the user in the Ad-Aware preferences (log files, definition file, etc) is valid and alerts the user if it isnt. this has been made optional since remote paths may be temporary unavailable.



  • Skip automated saving of clean logfiles -- Log files will not be created or saved for scans that do not include detected content. In other words, if Ad-Aware does not detect anything during the scan, a log file will not be created.



  • Delay (seconds) if delayed loading is active -- The default delay time for initializing Ad-Aware is 15 seconds. Using this option will allow you to increase the delay timing to a maximum of 120 seconds for slower systems.



  • Append this text to logfile -- Adds the text entered in the edit box within the header section of the log file. Text can be appended up to a maximum of 255 bytes.
Please Note: If settings have been modified, Ad-Aware should be restarted after the plugin closes.


Tweak SE preferences can be exported by using the following registry key (export the entire key)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE


Screen Shot


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Thanks for the replies, but I was just a bit confused as to why the version of 1.04 I have just downloaded, is different from the version of 1.04 I downloaded last week.


As long as It's working, I'm not that concerned.

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Have I gone insane,

Probably, that's why i'm still running Ad-aware6. :mrgreen:


I'll install SE when i no longer see folks having, (minor), probs with it.


Inp. ;)

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Probably, that's why i'm still running Ad-aware6. :mrgreen:


I'll install SE when i no longer see folks having, (minor), probs with it.


Inp. ;)

I've just downloaded build 1.04 no problems, yes it does turn green when scanning :blink:

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Just run it again, this time, it scanned the 'normal' number of files and didn't 'go green'. Maybe it just does that on the first scan after download? Not sure if it said this before, but this version gives you the option to scan without detecting negligible objects.


I don't understand why they've updated it since last week without calling it 1.05. Anyway, it seems fine now.

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