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Do I Need All Of These Services Running?

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This is a list of all of the services listed as running right now on my Windows XP pro system:


Automatic Updates

Background Intelligent Transfer Service

COM+ Event System

Computer Browser

Cryptographic Services

DHCP Client

DNS Client

Distributed Link Tracking Client

Error Reporting Service

Event Log

Help and Support

IPSEC Services

IPV6 Helper Service

IPV6 Internet Connection Firewall

Kodak Camera Connection Software

Logical Disk Manager

Network Connections

Network Location Awareness (NLA)

Plug and Play

Print Spooler

Protected Storage

RIP Listener

Remote Access Connection Manager

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Remote Registry

Removable Storage

SSDP Discovery Service

Secondary Logon

Security Accounts Manager


Shell Hardware Detection

System Event Notification


Task Scheduler


Terminal Services


Upload Manager


Windows Audio

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

Windows Management Instrumentation

Windows Time

Wireless Zero Configuration



My taskbar volume icon does not load at desk top loadup and my start bar freezes for about 30 seconds each time I restart and the desk top is loading.

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This program will help you shut down unnecessary windows components in an easy to use interface its called XP Antispy and its free and works great alot of those are unnessacary windows components!

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Just out of curiousity, why would anyone need a program to stop system services? That "program" is already built into Windows and is often called Microsoft Windows :P I mean... that antispy software may have other uses as well but if not then it's virtually useless for disabling system services.


Anyway... click start > run and type services.msc and that will open up your system services. Then just read the services and set them to your needs as everyone is different on what services they do need and don't need. And not to rample on kd5's toes... but read this page instead - http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/service411.htm It actually explains the services instead of just telling you which to disable and such so that you can decide waht services YOU need for your pc.

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I've been to that blackviper page before, very useful!

I took the dudes advice and disabled all that needed disabling.

I just have a tiny feeling this might help my computer out a bit.

I had a bunch of extra stuff since I got a router and had another person networked to me so we could share files from our computers but I dont do it anymore so that should help too!


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lol The funny thing is, I've been posting about my frozen start bar and dissapearing volume icon for quite a few months.


And now that I disabled all of the services I didnt need everything is peachy!

This is hilarious.


Well, except for my AIM problem..I think that's still a problem.


It logs in and out all the time for no reason. Kicks me off every few minutes saying i lost my internet connection. But MSN and Yahoo are fine.


I thought I had figured it out at one point because MSN has this connection area that says what you're connected with. It said I had a firewall so I disabled that but it didnt help AIM. It now says "You are connected to the internet through a non-UPnP IP restricted NAT. (Administrator)


Yep thats my last problem!

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