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Activating paid version

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My wife had the free version of PC matic on her computer. I decided to upgrade her pc to the paid version. When registering for the paid version I used my email and password to register and paid via paypal.

I opened the free version and entered the activation code but it wasn't accepted.


I then changed the account credentials on the free version to match my email and password (the credentials I used to register the paid version). PC matic said "that account already exists"....


Then I decided to uninstall the free version from the PC and re-download a new one. When I re-downloaded the free version again it automatically pre-filled my wife's credentials leaving me where I started.....unable to activate the paid version......Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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Hi Klamerg and :wp:


Sorry for the difficulties you're experiencing, but if you'll open a trouble ticket at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ we can get to the bottom of this with you. 


Thanks for your interest in our products! 


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