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EVGA 6-2 pin into GTX 1080

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I have been trying all day and evening to find out how to attach my EVGA SuperNova T2 1600 PSU to my 1080GTX.

The PSU cable has an 8 pin plug at one end that connects with the modular PSU, the opposite end of the cable has a 6-2 pin connector that connects to the GTX 8 pin socket.

The problem is, the pins at either end of this cable are not identical.

Both of the 2 pins that plug into the GTX are sloped pins and the GTX itself has one sloped hole and one square hole.

It fits but I do not want to plug it in unless I know it is right and I won't damage my new card and PSU.

(A link to a picture of the problem inside the yellow circles)


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Hey bud, in your pic it shows 2 connectors and just as you've drawn the criss cross, you'll overlap the wires on the cable to connect to their respective female connector.


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Sorry, that picture is a bit misleading; I know how the cable plugs in, its the pins in the yellow boxes that are the problem, the bottom picture shows either end of a single PCIe cable, the left 8-pin to the PSU, on the right the 6-2 pin that goes to the GTX, but the pins in the yellow boxes do not match when in the correct orientation. The 2-pin plug has two slope edged pins and the place into where it plugs into the GTX has only one slope edged hole, the other hole on the GTX is a square hole when the pin is a slope edged pin. I think I should try making another photo.

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