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I have been experiencing account password changes on Amazon and Apple that I did not authorize. One time the hacker changed the e-mail address associated with my Amazon account to something that ends in .ru, so I figure the hacker is based in Russia. I have started keeping my computer access very brief, with the computer turned off most of the time (a tower machine, not a laptop, so no battery power). Early-early this morning the hacker submitted a password change on the Apple account and confirmed it on my e-mail, even through my computer was physically turned off.


Staring early next week I plan to change out my hard drive to SSD while upgrading my OS version. Then, when I get my computer back, I plan to sign up for PC Matic. I was wondering if PC Matic will help protect me from this hacker, or others like him/her.

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Hey JonJacobs and :wp:


It sounds as if your password may have been reused for multiple logins and has been compromised at some point. I'd recommend using a password manager, like Last Pass, and using it to generate complex passwords for the different sites you frequent, especially ones that could cause you monetary loss if compromised. Next, utilize 2 factor authentication on any site that offers or supports it(amazon and apple both do). This way you have another layer of security on logins should your password get compromised again.


You can go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and see if any of your info has been obtained in a site breach. If so, please use a password manager to create secure passwords henceforth.



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