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Forgot Password(s) for: Gmail, Instagram, Snapchat, Yahoo! Mail

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I forgot my passwords for one of my Gmail accounts, Yahoo! Mail, my main Instagram account and, Snapchat (a string of bad luck I know haha)


I had to create another e-mail address for the meantime. The thing is when I try 'Forgot Password' it will send a notification to a phone number which no longer works or to an e-mail address that I also forgot my password to. 


For my main Instagram account (which I have so many memories) I forgot my password and, don't know how to contact in regards that I am indeed ME and, that this is my account. The same goes for my main Snapchat account which has all my contacts I also don't know who to contact from Snapchat to help me; As I have tried to look for a help contact e-mail.



Any help or leading me in the right direction would be so greatly appreciated.



Thank you

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Well I don't think you will get much help here with passwords....not that you are asking for passwords but help in recovering your accounts.  The best we can do is point you to the most obvious answers and that is to contact the services you "lost" your password to.  I've been in your shoes and it is tough to get these sort of things figured out. Maybe once you recover your numerous accounts you might think about writing the passwords down somewhere for future reference. Not trying to be harsh or anything but just better safe that sorry. Best of luck to you.

PS: I have 2 whole sheets of passwords to my various sites and accounts!  I'm getting old and cant remember stuff :geezer:

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I think the upshot is....If you can't remember your passwords, memorable security questions and also don't have access to the numerous other recovery options available (Phone, alternative email etc) you might as well forget it. No provider in their right mind would say...OK , you can't prove its you, but just this once we'll ignore all the security protocols we have in place and grant you access.....


What I would say is; go back over every device you have used on the internet recently in the hope that you have left one of them signed in to an account or have the saved password option enabled. Visit every single email provider login page you use and go through all the recovery options; maybe one of the security questions / memorable word answers will trigger your memory.

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