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Setting up Netgear WiFi range extender

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Hey...I'm using Spectrum streaming 100meg internet through a Ubee router. The WPS button ontop, I don't know if its on or off. there are no WPS lights  I'm at my desktop trying to connect this extender, but I just don't get it.  Online info just repeats whats already in manual..Anybody have this same extender?  I must be thicker than I thought  Thanks


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1st check that the WPS option is witched on in the original router (It should be by default - but you never know).

2nd - Not all Netgear extenders support WPS anyway so it's a manual set up.

Try here for manual setup: (I guess you've tried this but...):




I'm not a fan of these extenders as my experience is they don't actually extend anything, the through put is slow and connections keep dropping out, I went for a home plug solution, granted it's more expensive, but I have fast reliable Wifi everywhere in the house, garage and back garden!!

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