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SuperShield download file will not install

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I get a pop-up alerting that my SuperShield is outdated. After download, and attempt to install, I get a pop-up window titled, Web Browser, and words to the effect that it cannot find the just downloaded file. The message ends with the text, "Make sure the path or Internet address is correct."

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Hi there,


Please try using the direct link below to install the latest version of Super Shield:


Super Shield: http://supershield-files.pcpitstop.com/pcmaticss3.0.4.0-setup.exe


Down load and Save the file to a location that you can find.


Now, navigate to the saved file and Right click it and choose:  Run as Administrator


Allow the installation to proceed.


 Watch the Super Shield icon in the taskbar as it will be green and then change colors to red and gold.


 This indicates that it is downloading it's definitions.


 When the definition download completes, the shield will return to a green color.


 Please give the computer a final restart.


:) Y

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