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super shield monitor file access

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In super shield/Protection Level/ monitor file access

Can someone tell me what this item is for and why I had one person tell me not to use it? If we are not to use it then why is it there? I tried it on my laptop and it was blocking a heck of a lot of files?

More then one reply is welcome

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Monitor File Access is a utility that scrutinizes every single file that runs. When something is blocked, it is sent to our Malware Research team who then go through the listings and categorize the files.

It is not an immediate process, so our recommendation is to turn it off, unless something unusual or suspicious is occurring on a rig. It can be turned on or off through the taskbar icon as well.

Because it "hooks" every file that tries to run, it will effect a computer's speed and anything that is "unknown", regardless of it's extension and abilities will be flagged and blocked.

The developers use this tool when testing and therefore we are required to have it also available to the public.

There is a specific warning given to the end-user when they click to enable the feature and it is there for a reason.

Use it if you wish, but understand that it will impeded performance.

When the setting is turned on or off, it is recommended that the effected computers be rebooted.


:) Y

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Thanks for the explanation Y. I wanted to reply as I knew/know what it does, but couldn't come up with the right words and didn't wanna put my foot in my mouth. :D


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