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I purchased this product from HSN and it has Ad Block I thought. I don't see that this is activated, actually after installing I didn't see where the download to activate was?

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Hi Carolynlm ,


Please open Internet Explorer then click on the Gear icon in the upper right. From the menu that opens, click on Manage Add-ons.

Click on Toolbars and extensions on the left hand side, then in the window on the right see if the PC Matic ad blocker is listed there. If it is, click on it to highlight the entry, then click on the Enable button in the lower right.

Let us know how that goes, or if the ad blocker is not listed among the extensions.


Do the same for Fire Fox and/or Google Chrome if these browsers are installed as well.


If you continue to have an issue with the ad blocker, then please open a ticket with the team in Customer Service using the link below:


PC Matic Help Desk


Thank you


:) Y

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