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Eric Shaktman

Restoring Software after epairing a crashed PC

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I have a Dell desktop with Windows 10, version 1709 and it crashed a few days ago. I did a successful Windows repair with keeping personal info but many products were removed. PC Matic along with my full Office Enterprise 2007. Anyone know how to recover these items? They were licensed.

Removed Software from rebuild.rtf

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Hello and :wp: Eric


PC Matic can be reinstalled from https://cart.pcpitstop.com/go.asp?id=503141 but your copy of M$ Office will need to be reinstalled from the installation media(cd/dvd) as said media should have the product key with it. When you install PC Matic, click sign in, from the lower left corner and enter the email address and password you used when you initially purchased it.


If you're having trouble remembering the login info, submit a ticket at our help desk and we'll get ya squared away. https://www.pcmatic.com/support/#/kb/login-issue





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