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need some help with bluescreen error

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I have an ASUS N82J laptop, running dual boot linux mint and windows 7.


it runs fine on the linux partition, but lately it crashes randomly when I'm using windows 7.

The blue screen error is indicating some sort of driver error.

I haven't installed any new hardware , and its not doing it all the time, so I'm a bit perplexed.


can someone lend a hand trying to pinpoint the issue , please.


I've attached a photo of the error msg I'm getting.

How should I go about resolving this?

as stated above, linux partition runs without any issues, so I assume all the hardware is functioning properly and it's a windows driver problem.


and , the fact that it doesn't do it all the time makes it even more confusing.:pullhair:


2017-12-23 02-35-25 02ae8148.jpeg

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Try starting in safe mode and roll back to the last restore point before it started to happen.

I'm guessing you haven't installed any new hardware or software so that can be ruled out?

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thanks , I will try it next time it happens.

I have not installed anything new, that's why I'm at a loss to why it's happening.


any time I install new hardware , or software I create a restore point , just in case this kind of thing happens.


I've used the computer , turning it on/off a handful of times now, and it hasn't done it again yet.




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