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Formated CD but Win Media Player asks for blank disc??

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I had some files on a CD but I wanted to delete them and then download some mp3 files to the blank disc. I thought the best way would be to format the CD, so I did that. When I tried to get Windows Media Player to accept the mp3 files so they could be burned, it kept asking me to insert a blank disc but I thought that formatting it would have made it blank(?)

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Although I would have thought that formatting the CD would automatically erase any files on it, seemingly it didn't. Anyway, I erased the files using another method and this time Windows Media Player (WMP) allowed me to burn some new files to the CD - so far so good. However, when I tried to burn more files to the CD, WMP ejected the disc and told me to insert a new blank disc! But the files already on there only amounted to only 59MB so why didn't WMP let me add to that by letting me burn more files onto the disc?

I don't understand this and nor do I understand why, after formatting the disk, as I originally did, WMP didn't recognize that the files had been erased but instead ejected the disk and asked me to insert a new blank disk. Can anybody enlighten me please?

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