Well, &*$%#!!!   I'm Being told there is malicious POrn0graphicSpyware/Riskware Detected...   Blah blah Yada....if I don't call (855)  532 - 1941 (toll free) within 5 minutes or close this window before calling them, we will have no choice but to disable your computer n' send your IP to 'concerned authorities"' Do not ignore this critical alert...   My educated guess is that once called, you will be asked for $.  I say 'educated' because I got a deal like this only the boogy page was flashing Red and there was a siren sound all the while  the same type of shpeil was talking n' talking.  This claims to be from Microsoft....I was so freaked by all the noise n' flashing that I actually called the number BUT they didn't get any $ from me as it took less than a minute to realize I knew more than the idiot on the phone.  Not claiming to be a genius with this stuff........   Posted as a heads up........   Edit:  out of sheer curiousity. I called the #, no - they want no money but the lady could barely speak English.  I must leve in 5 mins for drs. appt.  so have fun