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Pcmatic Super shield desktop icon red

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 I uninstalled super shield on accident thinking it would fix the "Super shield definition update fail " now for some reason super shield which i reinstalled will not turn back on i click it and click super shield protection and nothing and randomly my windows defender will put itself on. I added pcmatic to the firewall but that still has not fixed it. And it continues to say "not protected" 

Would love to have someone help me fix this. Thank you for reading and taking time to help.

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messed up on my wording

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Hi HexitIsHere :adios:


Send me a PM (private message with your registered e-mail address for PC Matic so I can look up your account and the computer)


Don't post the e-mail address on the public forums please.


In the mean time, try this as well:


Press the Windows key + R then type:  services.msc


Press Enter


Scroll to PC Pitstop Realtime service and double click it to Open it's properties


Insure that it is set to start automatically.


If it is not running, then press the Start button there.


Next, right below it, double click the PC Pitstop Scheduling service.


Stop the service, then restart it.


If no change to the Super Shield status in the taskbar, then restart the computer and check it once again.




:) Y

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I've got a helpdesk ticket opened for you and a response was just sent.


Please reply directly to the ticket (e-mail)




:) Y

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I've installed the product and de-installed other AVs that were on my system but Super Shield won't run.  I've followed the directions above but when I start the realtime service it stops in about 3 seconds.  Any suggestions?

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Hi Crankshaft,


Let's insure that the needed support services are running.

The following services need to be running and set to start automatically:


PCPitstop Realtime  -- only after SuperShield is successfully installed
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator


You can go to Start>Run and type services.msc then hit the Enter key.  From the Services window that opens, scroll down to each of the listed Services and double-click on the entry to open the properties sheet.  Use the drop down menu to change the service to Automatic, then click on the button to start the service.  Be sure to click on the Apply button after making the changes and before closing the Services window.


Restart the computer.


:) Y

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Hi Johnfka,


Thanks for letting us know.


Please download and Save the Super Shield installation file from the direct link below:


http://supershield-files.pcpitstop.com/pcmaticss3.0.0.5-setup.exe  (do not install it yet)


Please uninstall just the PC Matic Super Shield application from your installed programs list.


Do not uninstall PC Matic.


Restart the computer


Go to the saved Super Shield installation file and Right Click it and choose:  Run as Administrator


Allow Super Shield to install.


Watch the Super Shield icon in the taskbar as it will be green and then change colors to red and gold.


This indicates that it is downloading it's definitions.


When the definition download completes, the shield will return to a green color.


Please give the computer a final restart.


:) Y

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This is what I did to 'fix' this situation!

Click once on the PcMatic icon in the tray. Then click on 'Protection Level' This will display a list of items.  Move your cursor to the line that says: "Pause for 10 minutes" and click on this item. The PcMatic icon will be red/orange. Click on the PcMatic Icon in the tray again, click on 'Protection Level' and then put the cursor on the  'Super Shield Protection' and click on it. (This is important)

This should turn the PcMatic Icon to green and the flag in the tray to plain white. 

Good Luck


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