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PC Pitstop stops running

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Over the past three weeks or so I have noticed that PC Pitstop has stopped running.  When I find this I manually restart it and it runs okay.

But, if it is crashing, stops running, or whatever, what is causing it?  Has anyone else run into this problem before?  My main concern is that some kind of virus is attacking the program and stopping it.



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Hi Dean what do you mean by:  "PC Pitstop has stopped running"?


Are you speaking about Super Shield?  Perhaps the taskbar icon has changed to a red color?


Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information and see what is going on.
You can open a ticket from here:
PC Matic Help Desk


Please clarify what you are encountering and on which computer if you have more than one.


Thank you


:) Y

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I had this problem after Windows 10 updates.  Windows tries to turn off PC Matic and turn on Defender without telling you.  Then it locks up Supershield.  The solution is to uninstall Supershield, reboot the computer and re-install. Oh, and send a thank you note to Microsoft and tell them to leave their hands off our Supershield which is far superior.

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