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Problem with auto-starting programs in Win 10

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I do a lot of distributed computing and have had no problem with Super Shield for quite some time until today.  Once I install an application I immediately do a machine recycle and as Windows goes through the startup list, according to the Task Manager, when Super Shield initially sees an application it's not familiar with it queries me as to allow the application or not; to which I always reply "ALWAYS" so that the next recycle the applications will auto-start without the queries.  I understand that PC Matic had an upgrade recently and I'm wondering if the upgrade affected how Super Shield handles new unfamiliar applications. 


The application in question is a beta version of BOINC (7.8.3).  Normally after installation of a new version of BOINC and after an immediate recycle, Super Shield normally interrupts the startup of BOINC to query me about the allowance of certain applications that are spawned and the application startup continues as expected.  This time around after the queries the BOINC application did not auto-start and I did not get the queries as expected.  Is there something in the new upgrade that has stopped this from happening?  Please note that the only way to get the application to run is to manually start it.  At that point Super Shield begins it queries and the application runs as expected, even auto-start after machine recycle.  System is Windows 10 Pro (x64) version 1703 build  15063.632.


I've started dialog with other beta testers on this possible bug, and I'm now opening a dialog with you to cover all of the bases.


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There are 2 Windows 10 machines listed and both named:  A-SYS


One is an ASUS model and the other identified as:  To Be Filled By O.E.M.

We will need to know which is having this issue.
Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information and see what is going on.
You can open a ticket from here:
PC Matic Help Desk
:) Y

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