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PC Pitstop OverDrive ActiveX loading problem

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After from time to time facing and got struggling with the problem with OverDrive, not loading the ActiveX and got stuck on the first blank test window on ajaxscan, here you have some hints to be checked:

->  Internet Explorer 11

      -> Tools -> ActiveX-filtering -> Off

                     -> Internet Settings -> General -> Browsing History -> Delete (with the first and last setting ticked -> Off(?))

                                                        -> Security -> Internet -> Default (Medium)

                                                                            -> Trusted Sites -> www pcpitstop.com -> Add


If the above do not solve the problem, you may try also these hints:

      -> Tools -> Add-ons -> Critical ones -> Off (e.g. pop-up blockers etc.)

                     -> Internet Settings -> General -> Browsing History -> Settings -> Show Objects -> Delete old PC Pitstop Components

                                                        -> Security -> Internet -> Modified -> Allow ActiveX-filtering -> Off

                                                                                                                    -> Run malware checking on ActiveX -> Off

                                                                                                                    -> Enable pop-up blocking -> Off (seen somewhere lower there)

                                                        -> Advanced Options -> Set options to default

                                                                                              -> Set IE11 into default settings

      Addition 18.09.2017:

      -> Disable Virus Scanner and/or Firewall



Good luck on troubleshooting!


Best regards,




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