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Issues with installing software

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I'm having issues installing some software and two techies who have accessed my Win 10 PC remotely have said it's a PC Matic issue. One said that his software need access to two directory folders and PC Matic was blocking this?


Anyway, this is what is happening. To install the software I first switched off PC Matic for the download and install.  The software installed. However, when I click on the desktop icon nothing loads. If I check Task Manager I can see that the software is running, but there is nothing on my desktop.


I assume this is some setting or (as one techie said) whitelisting a directory?


Anyway, it's driving me up the wall. Any suggestions and screenshots (cos I'm not a techie) of how I can fix this would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Ken,


I have submitted the files in question to our Malware Research team and will let you know the results as soon as I hear back.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


:) Y

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Good morning Ken,


The files have all been reclassified for you.


You can now reinstate the program from quarantine by running the following program as an Administrator:  




Please download and save the program where you can find it, then go to the program and Right Click it and choose:  Run as Administrator


This will restore the quarantined file(s).  The program does take a few moments to show activity, so please allow it time to complete.


After it completes, give the computer a restart and then try the program(s) again.


Please keep us posted.


:) Y

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