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Air Quality

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I realize that we always breathe smoke here in the fall from the wildfires, but this is getting ridiculous.  Here is the current air quality report:


They closed the school just after noon today when the index hit 441.  We had more light from the sun during the eclipse than we've had the last week.  I wake up coughing and sneezing at night.  I'm thinking of taking up smoking just so I can quit.



This picture was from a couple days ago in Bend when the air quality was at index 189.  Currently I can't see the end of the field below my house.



This was taken over the weekend.  This is from the end of my property looking west.  This is just after noon.

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Over half a million acres burned in Oregon.  Washington must be getting close to that.  California and British columbia are also burning.  The closest fire to me is the Milli fire.  It's closest edge is about 14 miles away.  It has burned about 25,000 acres so far, but they are finally getting it under control.  It's about 60% contained and the containment line is on my side.


Here is the current fire situation around us:



The smoke isn't just a problem where I live.  It's throughout the NorthWest.  We had a thunderstorm move through last night with a little rain and took the smoke level down by about half.  It is slowly beginning to climb again, but right now Eastern Washington and the Idaho panhandle are getting the real thick stuff.



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We got some wind today (6 to 8 mph) and it blew most of the smoke out.  It's building up a bit more this evening, but my eyes aren't burning.  Our air quality index was down to 55 earlier... we have been in the upper 300's and mid 400's for the last couple weeks.

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