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Red Super Shield, again

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My computer has seemed kinda 'twitchy' lately- loading online pages slowly is the biggest symptom. I have a slow DSL

connection that my ISP seems unable (or unwilling) to improve but I try not to have any spies or whatever adding to the



I use to run AdAware but a couple of years ago bought PC Matic. I had trouble with Super Shield in the beginning but

with some help from the Pit and support, thought I had it straightened out.


I checked my hidden icons this evening and the Super Shield icon is red. When I looked the 'Protection Level' shows

a check before 'Super Shield Protection'. I'm running the latest version-


Any ideas? Thanx for your help (once again).




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Y kawika   

Hi stoneking,


Go to the Super Shield icon and change the protection level to "Pause for 10 minutes", wait about 30 seconds and then reset it to "Super Shield Protection".


Give it a few seconds and it should go green for you.


Also, when you get a chance, grab the latest version of PC Matic and install it as well using the direct link below:




Reboot after the installation.


:) Y

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