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Logo/Web Design Business

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Do not know much, but have a compassion creating. I know I cannot compete with professional web designers, but I am looking to start a Freelance Logo / Web Design business. The problem I am having is that I cannot thin of what to place on the Home Page that will spark interest to someone going to site. I'm trying to put together a business web site for potential clients to have a place to go and get to know me and my plans. My site should be for greeting, meeting and contact.

If I was working on a site for someone else I do not think I would be stumped like this.

Any thoughts for the Home Page would be greatly appreciated.

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As complex as web design is, it is also as simple as people with experience often name it sound. I doubt you have to be some kind of a guru to create something of your own. But you need to master the basics, because you can't do the legwork if you do not know the A, B, and Cs.


I am a web developer. I have self taught experience in PHP, MySQLi, JQuery, CSS3, adn HTML5, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Publisher. I would recommend using these tools.


Wish I could help you more. But I really need to know where you are stuck, exactly.


I know your concern seems a little bit old, but just in case you need me to shed some light, just reply to the thread. I am completely new here. But I wouldn't mind helping.

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