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SS saying game & calibre.exe files are not known to be good

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I updated &ran new version of Calibre today. Installed program and restarted Computer(HP laptopx64 win 10). When I started It, I once again had to assure SS that I really "always Allow". I brought up the whitelist from the tray icon-it was empty. I started PCM and looked at the whitelist feature there. Malware- it had a long list, including a lot of old games exe files as well as many calibre.exe files, also the ebook viewer.exe from calibre. do I really need to have to do this every time? Is there away to keep these programs on the whitelist?

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Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information and see what is going on.

You can open a ticket from here:

Please identify which computer is having the issue since you have several on your license.

Thank you

:) Y

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