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Supershield Icon - Red

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Wondering why it is always Red on this machine (Karen) and when I right click the icon and go to Protection Level it always says "Off until reboot"?? Reboot doesn't solve the problem...


Any ideas guys?


p.s. I may uninstall it and try a fresh download and install, BUT, in the meantime???






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That sounds like an issue we are seeing when the Vulnerable Apps update feature through Super Shield is crashing because the Active X control is outdated.


To update the Active X control run the Active X control removal tool from the link below:



For all versions of Windows other than Windows XP, first save the file above to your desktop, then right-click on the file and select, "Run as administrator".


Once the removal tool completes, run PC Matic again and verify that it downloads a new Active X control. An Active X control install request will look like the image in this link:



Let us know if the issue is not resolved.

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I have been busy reading various and sundry topics this afternoon and my Super Shield icon is red w/a yellow bolt and the Protection Level says

"Super Shield Protection" but running the mouse over said icon says "PC Matic Super Shield- Def Download Failed". I took a hasty look around in the Super Sheild area of the program but didn't see any place to attempt to do a new download. I would feel better if I had an unfailed download...


Do I need to update my Active X?

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