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Installed bluetooth to computer. Now lots of sound problems.

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I bought a bluetooth dongle on ebay long ago. No software so I went online and found BlueSoleil and installed it. Now, I can use my bluetooth headset when watching movies etc.


Now lets say that I don't use the bluetooth headset and use reg. headphone in the headphone jack. I cannot hear anything at all when trying to listent o anything? When I first put in the jack the Realtek HD audio Manager appears. I select headphones and their's a test stereo icon. I HEAR that. I hear the test. But when trying to listen to anything else I can't?


The other volume button said soud is working to tv. But I never see both volume control icons.


Usually before the bluetooth headset. I turn the volume off the tv and plug in the headphones. Now I cannot?

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go to control panel and click sound icon. right click speakers and click show disabled devices.now right click speakers and disable speakers. now try your headphones.when done just right click speakers and enable

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