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long-standing program shows up as security problem

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C:\ Program Files\ PC Guard for .NET V5\ pcgnet.exe (Win XP SP3)


is an old (2006) program on one of my even older PCs. After the scan (auto-fix turned on) it seems to imply it was removed, but it's actually just renamed to pcgnet.exe.pcpquar


Have done several scans on this PC over the past 2 years, but it had never come up with this.


Should I just un-rename it, run it and tell PCM to always allow?


Or could it somehow have become infected?



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pcgnet.exe has been researched and added to the global white list. If you rename the file to remove the .pcpquar extension, PC Matic should not quarantine it again.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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