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Chips Ahoy

Windows Update Error 0x80070057

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I'm using Windows 7 and trying to download updates. I can't get them to download. I tried the diagnostic tool and it said there's a 0x80070057 error.


So far I've tried: Scanning anti-virus and Malwarebytes in safe mode.


-disabled Norton when downloading

-deleted cookies

-ran check disk

-used Windows diagnostic tool

-worked with Windows tech twice and they didn't get problem fixed. They have me scheduled in 2 days to talk to another tech.


None of these have worked.


Also, Norton has been giving me a 3038,104 error. I reinstalled it as instructed and still got the same error soon after. I reinstalled it and at the moment it is behaving, but I'm sure it will act up again when I try to update Windows. I had issues when scanning and the computer running loudly here and there. The Norton will also say that Auto-protect is off.


I'm guessing the 2 problems are connected.


How do I fix the error code for Windows?






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Alrighty, I am going to give ya the easiest way to fix this error code. Ready? :P

1. Close ALL programs.

2. Open up Internet Explorer.

3. Download...Silverlight from Microsoft.

**IF YOU already have it, then...uninstall it first, then restart your computer...then repeat steps 1-3 again.**

4. At the end of the install, it will offer you a check box to install updates from Windows...make sure that IS checked. Then...go ahead and check your Windows updates after it is FULLY DONE.

Poof! There ya go. No extra work, no fancy I.T. tricks, just... a nice and easy way to fix the problem. I've had this problem a few times in my department and this is what I've found to be the fastest/easiest way to resolve the problem. :)


Post #10 from here:




Seems to have worked for some.

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I tried your suggestion, but the search for updates keeps going even after 30 minutes. I ended up canceling it after that. Is it supposed to take that long?


it took my computer an hour before the updates started,did you install and reboot? if what nigsy suggested doesnt work have a look at the video.i looked for 3 days after a fresh install of W 7 and the video helped me.

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Here's what happened. The Microsoft tech ended up reinstalling Windows. Started at 10 am and and got done at 8:30 pm. I only checked the computer a few times while it was going on. That took forever. There were about 240 updates.


I wish I would have gotten a chance to try the Silverlight fix like nigsy suggested. I wanted to see if it worked. I really wanted to beat the MS techs at getting it done first.

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This Will Help!


Hey, i might be a little late for this reply but I'm giving the method which worked for me. It might help other people also, that's why.


Change the Decimal Symbol Setting


The problem could occur if the decimal symbol is not set to “.“(dot). This situation is common in languages other than English(United States). 


1) Follow the path Control Panel (View by Category)> Clock, Language, and Region.   


2) Click Region and Language. 


3) Click Formats, then click Additional settings. 


4) In the Decimal symbol field, type . (dot) and then click OK two times.


5) Restart your computer after the change. 


Microsoft Office Error Code 0x80070057


This error is also commonly seen when you are tying to install Microsoft Office or in the middle of using it. To solve this problem, you can temporarily disable firewall and disable antivirus software. 


To turn off firewall in Windows, you could follow the steps below. 


1) Follow the path Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall on or off. 


2) You could choose the option Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) temporarily until the error got fixed. 


3) Repair the Office Click-to-run application. Right-click Start button and find Uninstall a program under Programs, and click it. 


Scroll mouse to look for Microsoft Office 365 and click Change. You need to restart computer and try the installation again. 


There are a few other methods that I referred to to fix [0x80070057 Error. I would urge you to have a look.


This answer from Microsoft will help too. :)

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