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Recommendation of email service

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I'm currently using AOL.com for receiving email and can't deal with it any longer, trying to load messages results in constant error messages about not being able to load or the message taking too long to show up. Nothing else is taking so long to load for me, so it must be just AOL.


Tried signing up for Yahoo account, but they require a mobile phone in order to even sign up and it won't accept my mobile number since I use VOIP.


Where or how do I get a free email account to have all my mail sent to? It will be just a "professional" kind of thing, like messages about jobs and the such. I've already lost out on 3 potential job offers because AOL mail won't load and by the time I get the message I've already missed an interview!! :pullhair:

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I had gmail before and it got hacked and disappeared on me.


Trying to sign up for the gmail one now and it too wants a mobile phone number and a current email address.


OK, guess it went alright... maybe because my mobile number is via Google Voice.

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