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Roedy Green

requesting information about the defragger

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I tried to send this via your contact page. It failed and flashed an email address to use instead for a tenth of a second.


by the way, http://support.pcpitstop.com/is not functioning. DNS is failing from Victoria BC.

I am in the process of updating two pages on my website
with information about PCmatic.
Your website says almost nothing about the defragger.
Which of the following types of file does it defrag?
External Registry defrag
Registry internal tidy/prune
External MFT defrag
MFT resize
MFT compact internally
MFT sort internally
$LOGFILE defrag
directory defrag
pagefile defrag
pagefile internal defrag
hibernate defrag
metadata defrag
VSC volume shadow copy restore points
security descriptors
How does it order files?
Order by least recently used
Order by least recently modified

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