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Windows 10

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Windows 10 keeps popping up wanting me to download and install it, I don't want anything to do with Windows 10 at all I like Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and want to stay with it. I feel like I am being hounded to death by this constantly trying to make me update to Windows 10.
The burning question is how can I stop this from hounding me?

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O.K....Guns says that helped 2 of his 3 rigs but the 3rd still gets the pop-up along with an error message that "gwxux has stopped working".

Any other ideas...


edit: I did find where it says to open Task Scheduler and go to Microsoft/Windows/Setup/gwx and disable the 2 tasks there.

Is that what you found bro'?

One other thing to try...open Windows Update and right click the Win 10 update, select "Hide".



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