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Costs to charge clients for Web site

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I came across a site where a Web designer had:


Basic Web Site Creation:
Register your Domain
Create web site with up to 5 pages per site
Web, POP, IMAP, SMTP email
100 Email Addresses for each domain
Email can be set up in client softeware or web access
Basic Web Site Price $450.00

Hosting for your new web site:
Includes Domain registration.
Yearly Price $160.00
Web Site Maintenance Minimal:
Up to one change per month.
Yearly Price $160.00
Web Site Maintenance Frequent:
4 or more changes per month
Yearly Price $320.00
What happens when one person gets the "Up to one change per month" package but needs two this month? Do you add on a fee or have them move up to the next plan?
And also, what do you count as a change? If someone wanted you to make a Web album with ten photos in them, does that mean one change or ten? And if a restaurant owner chooses the "4 or more changes per month" plan and wants it updated every day with the daily specials, how can one be sure a customer doesn't take advantage of them like that?
Share your advice with me, even if you don't know the precise answers.

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I would think that you would want to get all of that ironed out in the initial agreement/contract. You might specify examples of what entails a "change" and then ultimately it will be up to you as the service provider to determine what that is and what the charge is for any work outside of that. I would think of it more as a "change request" where they're contact you to make a change, whether it's adding a gallery of photos or replacing a paragraph of text.

Personally, I like to charge more and offer unlimited small changes. Basically anytime they need something tweaked and they can't do it themselves, I'll take care of it since they're paying me about two hours worth of my time every month. I don't have any clients that take advantage of that.

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