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Downloaded an EBook Reader... However many unwanted progs came with th

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I'll have a look at these...


But can I remind people please???


While I appreciate the help, currently I am living in a homeless hostel 'surrounded' by many with drink and drug issues... hey ho, so is the course of we mere writers!


Also Terry, again, and I am trying to be patient also, and while I have greatly appreciated your help, and would look into this further, and thanks for the replies... will follow on - you said another picture viewer... I don't know any other picture viewers - I struggle to figure out Windows ruddy 8 at the best of times.


Once more, I am in a homeless hostel, so - well internet access is an issue, so I cannot spend an age, or the time, when I'd like to view detailed responses - presently!


As I said will go through this later, I get the gist of what was said.

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