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Comodo Free Personal Firewall Prevents Risky Software Uses

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You typically use the sandbox on exe's that you want to protect the system from. However there is a trick/tip that actually will allow you to install software directly into the sandbox and execute that sandboxed software inside of the sandbox its self with the latest version. That way you can try and experiment with software and not have any risks or end up having to load up resource hoggy VMWare environments etc. This video explains the procedure.
Credits: Morthawt.

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ok it's just to much to do just to test install a program and what happens if the program needs to restart to

complete installing?


i can do the same with Sandboxie and i use Light virtualization software called Shadow Defender (not free) to

do the samething but it deletes everything on restart also


there is Toolwiz Timefreeze and is free but not as strong as SD


theres rollback software that works for installing software that needs a restart then you can rollback and

it's gone but none free that i know of


so i use Virtualbox and a VM of Win XP or Win 7 to test things then i can just delete that if i need to

i have a new pc with Win 8 64bit and 8gb ram 1.5tb hard drive so it's not a big deal i can also play with multi

hard drives install image software and rollback that way and also learn at the sametime


also i do not care for nothing Comodo (personal resions)and it's not very noob friendly as a noob can messup

there pc with it


and yes i'v tryed the newest version i'm not saying Comodo is bad just not for me


but thanks so very much for the info anyhow





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