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Apple iPad.

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I have for some time been trying to produce a report form that I can store on the iPad. The form will be a report form with about ten fields that is completed on site after a safety check. The form will then be emailed to three separate email addresses and stored for future reference. At the moment I have the forms in pads that are filled in in triplicate (carbon sheets) taken back to the office and then either scanned and emailed or sent to various destinations by snail-mail. To be able to fill in the form on site, on the iPad, would be so much more efficient.


Any ideas, advice or tips please?


Have a nice day.

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best way to do this (in my opinion) is to use a web-based form that can be used from any internet-enabled device such as tablets, phones, etc. the downside is that it will take some html / php knowledge to set up, the upside is that it can be accessed anywhere from any device and can do everything you want it to.



there may be some kind of app for ios that will allow you to do this, but i'm not sure...this seems like something that may need to be custom built.

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I've done something like that with windows.

First I scanned my docs or in your case a document forum, with Paper Port software (it came with my AIO printer) The Paper Port software will let you save your scanned image as a word document. Paper Port is an OCR software...meaning it converts images into text.


If your printer did not come with any OCR software, you can check this out for some freebee versions




I used Nitro Reader to convert the word doc to a .pdf file. Once you have your forum as a .pdf file you can use a pdf reader for iPads here



Nitro Reader here, I used the freebee version





Edit: according to the iPad PDF Reader web link I posted, it states that it can read Windows word docs too, so you might not have to convert to .PDF's to read the document forums once you get them into M$ word


File management is no longer a hassle! PDF Reader - iPad Edition is sophisticated yet easy to use. There’s more! PDF Reader - iPad Edition enables you to view just about anything - PDFs, MS Office documents, iWork files, ePubs, and comic books!



Converting your document forums as a .pdf file might be more universal for everybody




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This sounds like what you are looking for.




Docs, spreadsheets and presentations for your Apple gadget


iWork is Apple's productivity suite for its Mac computers. It includes the typical software you'd expect from an office suite. And now it's available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

It has Pages, a word processor. There's Numbers, which is spreadsheet software. And it includes Keynote, the equivalent of Microsoft's PowerPoint.

You can download each of the apps, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, separately. That lets you pick and choose exactly which programs you need.

Posted Image

Getting these programs together used to cost you $30. But now you can try out iWork for iCloud beta absolutely free!

The catch is that you have to have an iCloud account. But chances are that if you have an Apple gadget you already have an account. If you don't, you can sign up for one here.

To check out these free apps, sign in to your iCloud account. You should see them as soon as you sign in.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are still separate, but you will notice a yellow strip across the top left-hand corner of the apps with the word "Beta."

Simply click or touch the icons and they will open.

Note that if you search for iWork, Pages, Numbers or Keynote in the Apple App Store, you will only find the paid versions.

Cost: Free

iCloud: icloud.com





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