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Installing to SSD help

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I am getting my very first SSD (256gb M4) that I plan to use as my OS drive for Ubuntu 13.04. I have heard that minimizing unnecessary writes to an SSD is a good idea and that there are some things like trim that need to be set up after install.


My question is more about partitioning. I would like to get the full speed benefits of an SSD while making sure to limit large writes to the drive (some of my uses will need very large writes to /tmp) and so I would like to use a 500gb platter drive for storage and those large temporary writes. And I would like to keep the OS and all apps on the SSD for the performance increase. Can anyone recommend exactly how to go about this?


The system is quad core with 12gigs of ram, so don't think I will need any swap space, but I'm having trouble figuring out my partitioning set up for /boot, /, /home and the sizes those partitions should be for a 256gb drive and I'm not quite sure how to make my /tmp and any other dir's you guys think might be appropriate point to the 500gb drive which will also be the "storage" drive for the machine. Any help would be appreciated.



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hi, there are a lot of tweaks out there for ssd's and Linux! i have an 8 core amd with 32gbs of ram running Ubuntu 13.04. my 128gb Adata ssd has just one partiton (/) formatted using Ext4. here is how mine is set up:


all of my data is stored on 1tb and 2tb hard drives (i have made links in /Downloads, /Documents, /Videos, /Pictures and /Music which point to the data stored on those drives). i have edited fstab to mount the hard drives at boot.


i use no swap and have set swappiness to "0" ...see HERE


you can set trim to run in a variety of ways....see HERE (i use the cron job method). you can also execute trim manually with this command:

sudo fstrim -v /

i have also added the following lines to the bottom of my /etc/fstab file to lesson some writes to the ssd by creating a virtual ram drive for temp and some log files:

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0tmpfs /var/spool tmpfs    defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0tmpfs /var/log   tmpfs  defaults,noatime           0 0

have fun tweaking!! :)

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