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Defragmentation and Hybrid Hard Drives

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I'm looking to upgrade my computer.


PC Pitstop says don't defragment a solid state drive, and that doing so will shorten the useful life of those drives. What about hybrid drives that are a small part solid state, and part 'regular'? Such a Seagate's Momentus XT? Obviously the majority of date resides on the regular part of theat hard drive, and needs to be defragmented?


I can't get a clear answer to this question anywhere! Ideas?

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I'd think that periodically defragmenting a hybrid disk drive is just as useful as with any other mechanical drive. With the hybrid, however, the flash memory cache must be disabled first. There is a group policy setting in Windows 7 for just this purpose.


Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Disk NV Cache > Turn Off Non Volatile Cache Feature

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