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PC Freezes and Slows Down

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Ok system specs first :-


OS - Windows System 7 Home Premium 64 bit

CPU - Inter Core i5 2500 @ 3.3 Ghz

RAM - 16GB

Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Solid State C Drive - 96GB

Secndary Drive F - 2TB


New machine, got it in Sept. Been playing up as per attached images.

Graphics problems - driver probs.


Got really bad a few days ago and realized it may be internet explorer.

Unroled IE to default i.e. taking off addons that semed to help but other

stuff seems to be happening. Updated graphics drivers - no use - same problems.


Guy in shop told me not to use crap cleaner. Sytem slowed down so used it on

Mondayand cleaned a whole load of stuff off machine and worked better. What should I use otherwise?

The machine doesn't clean this stuff out by itself does it?


Anyway def seems some sort of hardware support problem playing HD is sometimes not smooth.

Wonder if graphics card may be overheating although everything is new, case, fans etc.


Also 2TB drive shows 392GB of memory used but when I highlight all folders on the drive and right click

it says only 151GB used??? Where is 241GB memory usage going?


Note - the blue screens started a few days ago. Know what they mean.


Any help appreciated. Shop did say any problems take it back and they've always been pretty good

but wanted to see what any of you guys thought.





Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

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Ok thanks.


What is the best way of clearing everything, i.e. browsing history etc off my C drive that Vista is installed on.

Should Crap Cleaner do it or is there anything else I should do.

If I need to put this PC back into the shop I don't want any trace of dodgy files or websites and also personal banking information to be found by them.


Any advice appreciated.

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ccleaner is a legit program, i use it all the time.


that computer tech is an idiot and you should not give him your money.

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I use CC also, but it's possible the tech had a bad experience withCC, or is not as sharp as he could be. But, name calling is unacceptable. I've asked dumb questions and given dumb responses, but usually these lead to learning. So, soften up and get in the "Holiday" spirit.

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Still under warranty? If so, I'd take it back and get a new one.


Yes, only got it in Aug 2011. Just wanted to try and investigate some of the problems as they currently stand :)

Is cleaning out the system vital i.e. using a prog like crap cleaner?





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seems that there is.



you can try uninstalling Vipre or if you have another antivirus/antimalware software, they could be clashing and not playing well together. Never use more than one active antivirus or firewall on your operating system

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The BSODs are interesting. They mean that sbwtis.sys had set a breakpoint, or tried to pass control to the debugger command windows, both of which are part of a software development debugging process. I believe this can only happen if the driver was compiled in a debugging configuration, which should never be the case for a released product, so it looks like a serious error on Sunbelt's part. Microsoft has already documented problems with another Sunbelt driver, sbhips.sys.


I think it would be instructive to uninstall whatever Sunbelt products you have, at least temporarily, and observe if problems still occur.

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Ok got PC back from shop and everything sorted.

Guy told me I'd installed a load of old progs that weren't 64bit...


So I have some basic questions (some would appear dumb but I dunno)

and would sure like some help just to make sure I stay on the right path

and keep my system healthy


1) Which drive should I install progs onto eg, Autocad, MS Office, Video Splitter, Canon Camera, Epson Printer Driver.

Put them all onto 2TB drive and keep the solid state one with Windows 7 clear?


2) Some progs don't give me the option to change drives when installing - how do I change this?


3) The guy again told me not to use Crap Cleaner - so do I clean out Temp Internet Files weekly manually and

what other routine maintenance should I be doing??


4) How can I tell if a prog will be compatibale i.e. if it's 64bit? Eg. if I want to install a video splitter that's maybe a year old?


Basically guys, any information to help me do the right things and not screw up my system. Thx :)

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