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92gb Of Hard Drive Used But Only 28gb Of Files

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Hi guys,


Hope this is a nice quick easy question to answer.


Got a new PC about a month ago.

Windows 7 Home Premium OS.


2 TB Hard Drive


Have been downloading usual movies, mp3s and pics normally onto 2TB drive

then burning or deleting them.


On the 2TB drive used space is showing as 92GB, but there's only about 28GB of files on it.

I assume it may be some sort of back up held somewhere using all this space but anyone

have any ideas :-


What it is that's using all this space - approx 64GB

Where is it held and

How do I delete it?



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If your downloading movies from a P2P site, chances are good that you also downloaded a trojan/virus too.

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Tried spacesniffer - showing 22GB files used

When I right click drive to look at properties it shows 57GB used

Have deleted all restore points except last one

O/S is Windows 7 Home Premium and is installed on the other drive which is SSD


System runs ok but I'm just wondering what's using all this space?

Should I use crapcleaner?

The guy in the PC shop told me I shouldn't use any cleaning software - so do

these drives clean themselves through some setting in WIndows 7?

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Should I use crapcleaner?


No. it's been my experience, especially with a new computer that CCleaner will delete registry 'stuff' simply because an extension hasn't yet been used n' such. though you might use it to clear out caches n' whatever else is, by default, checked in the little boxes.


you've got about 35 gigs unaccounted for, if my math is correct...


have you looked at how much space system restore is using? deleting restore points isn't always a good idea but deleting them will not lessen the amount of space set aside. you know where to go for that one n' probly the other places i mention ;)


Windows Backup uses disk space which could be 30% of your disk space. you can change by opening Backup and Restore in Control Panel...


if you have enabled "Offline Files", there's some more space used...you can check that out by going to Control Panel > offline files > disk usage tab.


there are several other places to look but they escape at the moment


so do these drives clean themselves through some setting in WIndows 7?


nope, not really. but you could set set certain tasks to occur on a regular basis, like internet temp files can be deleted every time you close out IE n' use Disk CleanUp like Caintry suggested. how many drives are you actually using?


have you looked into which "windows features" are being used? Control panel > programs and recovery > click on 'turn windows features on or off. there are several ways to find out how space is being utilized but without knowing what you're using, some things might be hidden.. :shrug:


you might want to go to Windows Help n' Support n' type 'manage drive space' as a number of links will explain more...


hope this gives you a bit of direction n' alternatives to find the unaccounted for disk space...


Fire :)

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Ok, problem is back (yes it vanished last year)

Used crapcleaner, cleaned a few files


Used Space - 86.4GB

Free Space - 2.85GB (it was about 3MB on Friday!!)


Checked Windows Backup but it hasn't been set


Tried Spacesniffer - it's found 2 huge files


hiberfil.sys - 11.9GB

pagefile - 31.8GB


Surely these files shouldn't be that large - should/can I delete them or reduce them?


Posted Image

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hiberfil.sys - 11.9GB

pagefile - 31.8GB

Perform a disk error check, allowing Windows to repair any problems.


Enable Windows to delete the paging file at shutdown.




Manually configure the size of the paging file, then restart the computer. I suggest initial minimum and maximum values of 1GB and 6GB.




Disable paging file deletion (that is, restore the default behavior).


I'm unsure of the wisdom of have the paging file on the SSD. Possibly the hard disk should contain the large PF, with just a 2 MB PF on the SSD. Other Pit members should have opinions on this matter.

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