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Why Can't I Download Software On Windows 7

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I have a new computer with Windows 7 installed. This computer also came with Windows Security Essentials installed.

I have had the comp. for three months now and have never been able to download software. I have had to resort to downloading it onto a flash drive connected to my old XP comp. and then tranferring it manually to the new comp. Obviously this is a real bind and I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me as to a possible cause.

I wondered if it could be the settings in Windows Security essentials program which are all set to default at present. I'm a bit nervous at changing these without getting some info about 'howto'. Can anybody help please?

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What firewall are you using?


Im using Windows firewall. I use F-Secure internet security on my other windows XP computers. Should I get rid of 'Microsoft Security Essentials' and use F-secure instead which has it's own firewall?

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If you have a new pc, have you contacted the mfg's support people?


What make is your PC?


With Compaq, or HP, you can click/start/help and support/support assistant and run a performance test.


Do you have the Win7 install disk to do a full re-install?


Or, you could un-install Microsoft Security Essentials and and after rebooting, re-install it.


I have Win7/Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Firewall and have no problems.


There are experts at this site. I'm not one of them, but just able to just give a few tips.

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