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Guest BrandonV

Hd Problem After Virus

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Guest BrandonV

I had a virus so I decided to install Win Xp home over my previously installed Win Xp pro in hopes of removing it. Everything loaded fine, but when I rebooted to start the OS I got an error message saying:

'Windows has encountered an error and will now shut down. If this is the first time seeing this message please reboot. Check your drives for virus', errors, etc....'


Those weren't the exact words, but close enough. At this point I downloaded Western Digitals software and ran a HD system check (all was OK) and then did a low-level format (write 0's to drive) and it said it was succesful. I put my recovery (win xp home) disk in, rebooted and let it load. When completed it rebooted and I got the exact same error message, after a low-level format and fresh OS install. I have a Western Dig 100G 7200rpm drive.

I'm at a loss here, what can it be? Next step?

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