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Save Emails As Html To Open In Internet Explorer

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If you save OE and/or Windows Mail emails to folders on your computer in the default .eml type, Outlook Express or Windows Mail fires up every time you want to read one of them. But if you save them as type .html from the save as drop-down box, they will then open much faster in Internet Explorer! However when saving and viewing them as type .html, neither the sender/recipients address nor the date will be saved or displayed - all you will see is the body of the email. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your reasons for keeping the email.....


If you wish to retain the date and senders/recipients address, another option is to simply save them as type .txt from the drop-down box. Saving them as .txt you will be able to read the content but neither images nor links will be retained/displayed - instead just the txt version of the url will be displayed, which you can of course then copy and paste into your browser.

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