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Boring logon?

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Hello there, do you get bored with the standard windows log on screen?


Stardock LogonStudio lets you change your windows log on with just a few clicks. This program works for XP, Vista, and Windows 7! It comes with a bunch bundled and they have hundreds more on their website to download. The best part is it is all free! The program also is not bundled with stupid tool-bars and other things that annoy most PC users. There is a separate section for XP logons and Vista/7 logons.


Check it out before you download if you want to see what it can do here.

Check out some of the logons here.


Download it here:

New version for XP, Vista, or Windows 7

Old version for XP only this one lets you customize your logon.


If you like these kinds of tips please reply and I will keep them coming.

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Logonstudio version 1.7 doesn't have the enhancements of the older version 1.0.64.  So if you are an xp user download version 1.0.64.  Version 1.7 all it does is slap a picture on the screen with the standard logon screen items.  Even the logons downloaded from wincustomize.com that included the enhancements.  1.7 doesn't end up using the enhancements while 1.0.64 retains them.

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