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Stream Radio In VLC

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Hi all,


If you don't have a radio, or fancy streaming music from your PC without the need to keep a web browser open - VLC makes it pretty easy.


First of all, if you haven't got it - get VLC player; http://www.videolan.org/vlc/


Now find the stream you would like to listen to; many websites are available that list streams, here is small selection;


BBC Streams


Stream Finder

UK + Irish Radio Streams


After installing VLC, open it and click on 'Media', the navigate to 'Advanced Open File', click on the third tab along 'Network'


Now, to get the link from station you want to listen to, you first of all need to find the station, then copy and paste the URL from the streaming website.


This can either be done by clicking the link and copy and pasting it from the web address box, or right clicking and selecting 'copy' or 'copy link location'.


This link can then be pasted into the 'Network' box on VLC, you can then click 'Play' located in the bottom right.


Your station should buffer, then play. In order to minimise VLC to the taskbar, right click on the cone logo near the clock and click 'Hide VLC Media Player in the Taskbar'.


Now, you should be streaming radio, without any unnecessary dialogue boxes open - or without the need to keep your web browser open.



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