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I have Optimize, Driver Alert, and Disk MD installed and some are on automatic renewal. It looks to me that I could save money by just purchasing PC Matic. I see some problems with the program listed here so is it wise or not? I'm not sure how the malware program will interact with Microsoft Security Essentials. This free program from Microsoft has stopped all the problems I was having with CA Internet Security Suite. I just uninstalled CA and installed MSE. I use the 3 PC Pitstop programs I have often. But of course at $30 each, I could save money by buying the all inclusive PC Matic. You tell me is this the way to go or should I just stay with what I've got? Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

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PC Matic includes all of the functions of Optimize, as well as DiskMD, Driver Alert, Exterminate, and OverDrive.


It is our new all-in-one product that was designed to meet all the needs for computer maintenance. There is more information here:




If you decide to go with PC Matic, which I would personally recommend, let us know and we can shut of the renewals for the other products.


We are successfully working through any support issues reported by our users and there are several new features on track to be implemented before the end of the year, such as skipping driver installations and defrags.


PC Matic contains an antivirus product, but it uses "detect and remove" technology. PC Matic does not have any real-time protection to prevent infections, nor does it have a firewall. Products with real-time protection may be used concurrently with PC Matic, but make sure they are shut off when running PC Matic, as conflicts can occur from running two antivirus products at the same time. As PC Matic does not run in the background, it only runs when you tell it to, it would not be causing any problems.


There is also an option to skip the malware scan completely.


Thank you for choosing software.

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