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Install XP's Backup Utility Into Windows Vista

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First you need access to a working installation of XP Pro.


Once there, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32 folder.


Locate and copy the following files to a folder (named such as, Backup Utility) on a USB drive:


Ntbackup.exe – Windows Backup Utility executable

Ntmsapi.dll – Removable Storage Public Interfaces

Vssapi.dll – Volume Shadow Coy Requestor/Writer


Insert the USB drive into a Vista system, then copy the entire Backup Utility folder over to the C:\Program Files folder.


Open the Backup Utility folder, right click on the Ntbackup.exe file, and select the Send To, Desktop (create shortcut) command. (Move the shortcut to the Start menu if you want.)


Now you need to enable the Removable Storage Management system.


Access the Control Panel, select Programs, and then click Turn Windows Features on or off.


In the Windows Features dialog box, locate and select the Removable Storage Management check box, then click OK.


Now locate and click the Ntbackup.exe shortcut and you will be able to choose which files and folders you want to backup.


If you encounter a warning about the Removable Storage Service even though it is running as it should be, just select the Don't alert me again check box and click OK.

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Why on earth would you do this? Vista has its own backup program.


Only if you have Ultimate or Business. Backup is not by default included in Home Basic & Home Premium.

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