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Milo D.

Okay to check ALL 3: SSL 2.0, 3.0; AND TLS 1.0 ?

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(I'm running Windows XP, SP3.) Okay, here's my question: in the Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced tab>under "Security"; Are there (or will there be), any conflicts, problems, glitches, slow-downs, etc.; if I check all three boxes for: "Use SSL 2.0", "Use SSL 3.0", and "Use TLS 1.0"?


One of the websites I frequently use suggests checking both SSL's, but the default setting (I think), checks the box for ONE of the SSL's, and the box for TLS 1.0.


Any info. would be greatly appreciated.




Milo D. :h3lp:

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If you want widespread compatibility with all manner of secure websites, I suggest keeping all three checked. The site will only use the encryption level it was designed with, so by unchecking any of them, you lose compatibility, and if it has to fall back to a lesser version of SSL, security.

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